Experts agree spaying and neutering is key to limiting the growing number of strays in Corpus Christi, but it is not always affordable.

A vet bill can run up to $300, but there are some low-cost spay and neuter programs you can take advantage of for far less.

The Cattery charges between $30-60, depending on the type of dog or cat you have; but dog owners who are on a fixed income in the two ZIP codes where the most strays are reported, 78404 and 78416, may be able to take advantage of a grant program that would lower the cost even more.

"Those grants that we currently have can lower that cost considerably," said Scott Person of the Cattery Cat Shelter. "You may qualify for a $5 surgery, or a $10 surgery, or a $20 surgery. That cost to spay or neuter is vastly reduced."

Last year, the Cattery spayed or neutered 2,500 pets. This year, they expect to double that number.

Aside from the Cattery, the city's Animal Care Services offers a low-cost spay or neuter program, and the Gulf Coast Humane Society gives out vouchers at the first of the month.