Lake Corpus Christi State Park in Mathis is a recreational destination where folks like to enjoy their Easter weekend, but the drought has taken a toll on that stretch of water.

In fact, the low lake levels means folks are turning to activities like volleyball and horseshoes instead of hitting the water.

Families who have been going to the park for Easter for decades said they are used to launching boats or getting on water skis, but this year -- not so much.

"Every year, we've come out here and enjoyed the water. Do some skiing, jet skiing, water skiing -- you name it, you know," Corpus Christi resident Michael Suarez said. "We're just out here having fun, but of course this year, with the drought and everything, there's not a whole lot of water, so the boat ramps have been all closed off; and if you want to launch a boat, I believe it's miles away to launch the boat and then bring it in."

The superintendent of the park said the lake is at 77 feet, but ideally, it should be at 92-feet.