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Lumber shortage could impact hurricane preparedness

The ongoing lumber shortage puts a strain on prices for plywood.

One of the most vital materials to protect homes is wood, especially when a storm approaches the coastal region. The price of lumber continued to increase throughout the pandemic, while production remained low.

"One of the sheet goods we have has gone up $35, so things are still moving much higher," said Zane Whitney with Fowler Lumber Company in Aransas Pass.

Whitney said this could be a cause for concern as we prepare for hurricanes.

"If you're looking to get ahead you should definitely look into the possibility of how can I store it and let me get it when it's at a price that I'm okay with," said Whitney.

When strong winds approach like in previous years, windows break, glass shatters and the inside of a home is damaged. That's why boarding up windows before a storm is crucial to protecting a home as much as possible.

"Boarding up your windows is probably one of the best things you can try to do," said Billy Delgado with the Corpus Christi City Emergency Management. "Already have windows measured, already have them cut."

While Delgado did not advise residents to deplete stores of all lumber, he did suggest grabbing what is needed over a period of time before its too late.

"Cause whenever something enters the gulf, lines get big and things fly off the shelves no matter what it is," said Delgado.