A road rage incident between two drivers Wednesday along SPID quickly turned into a shooting after the victim says the other driver pulled a gun on him and fired. Now, that supposed shooter is in jail.

Police say a 65-year old man told them he was driving down SPID when a black Camaro came barreling down the freeway behind him. That's when thing's escalated.

Investigators said the shooing happened on Hanley Drive, right behind the La Quinta Inn on SPID. They were able to find shell casings, and eventually located the actual bullet fired from the gun.

Officers said that the two men involved were traveling eastbound on SPID at Nile.

The 65-year old victim told police that 29-year old Antonio Kelly was in a black Camaro and was approaching from behind at a high rate of speed. The victim couldn't move over because of heavy traffic, and said that kelly began tail-gating him. Eventually, the victim took the Airline exit and said Kelly followed until both made the turnaround under the freeway and headed back down the access road.

The victim told police he turned on Hanley, stopped his car and got out to confront Kelly.

"Apparently there was a verbal confrontation between the two and the suspect got into the Camaro pulled out a weapon, and pointed it at the victim, and stated basically 'get on the ground, get back in your vehicle,'" said Officer Larry Lopez of the Corpus Christi Police Department. "And the victim was like, 'I'm not going to move,' and then the suspect fired a round into the ground and then he jumped into his vehicle and took off."

The victim wrote down Kelly's license plate number and police were able to track that down to the Reserve apartment complex at Staples and Saratoga. That's where he was arrested for aggravated assault.

Officers said that if you are in the left lane, you can go the legal speed and don't have to move over for someone who is approaching from behind. Only when you're driving slower should you move over.

A final word of caution -- never confront someone over an incident like this. Call police.