Ella Barnes Elementary School was on lockdown for about three hours Monday as police searched for a young man suspected of attacking his father with a hammer.

Police arrested 22-year old Michael Anthony Vasquez. According to police, he was home with his father on the 7400 block of Skyking Dr. when he allegedly beat his dad with a hammer. His mother was able to run and call police for help.

Vasquez took off before police got to the scene, so police brought out a K-9 unit to assist them in their search, during which Ella Barnes was placed under lockdown. They found Vasquez and arrested him on Holly and Lexington.

Some neighbors say the suspect had some mental history.

"She said he was bipolar. He is also schizophrenic and wasn't taking his medication, and thought his dad was the enemy and he was going to kill him," neighbor Omero Perez said. "He beat him with the hammer."

"It's tragic," neighbor Morgan Labanna said. "Honestly, I just pray for the family."

The victim is in the hospital and in serious condition. Vasquez did not have a criminal history.

The lockdown at Ella Barnes was lifted after about three hours, and was put in place as a standard precaution when police are actively searching in the area.