A local man plans to run from Corpus Christi all the way to Austin to honor his late brother and sister.

By the looks of 52-year-old Daniel Delacruz, you would never know he wasn't always a runner.

"I lost like fifty pounds and I just started doing the treadmill so then i started walking I did my first 5-K then I did beach to bay the first year it was horrible but I made it," De La Cruz said.

De La Cruz said about 5 years ago, he was overweight and unhappy. 

so he started running and now he's preparing to run over 200 miles.

"Running it gives me a lot of energy and I wanna do it for the people that are out there on the couch and say hey you know if I can do it you can do it there's no, there's no limitations," Daniel De La Cruz.

After losing his brother and sister in 2018, the runner has made it his mission to honor their memories by donating money to a foundation in Austin texas and running a lot.

"I wanna do it for them because it's like they can't do it you know, I wanna do it for all those people that are out there struggling," De La Cruz. 

De La Cruz said he's partnered with Integral Care Foundation in Austin. a place where people can get help with mental health and substance abuse, the two things his siblings died from.

"Every time I run I talk to them I hope they're having a good time wherever they're at and they help me," De La Cruz said. 

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