It was quite a sight in Mathis on Wednesday, as a young woman was perched on top of a bridge, standing along the rail, just over Highway 359.

Cars and trucks were honking at her, and even the police showed up wondering what was going on.

It turned out, she was getting ready to pop the big question.

"We have been together for nine and a half years, and he proposed six and a half years ago," said Desiré Felan, a hopeful bride to be.

Now, two kids later, Felan has decided she is ready to get married. So she set her trap up along the highway, with her sign in place and a couple of photographers standing by to capture her proposal to James Bradford.

"He's coming back from work right now at the moment, and I want to surprise him when he gets back," Felan said.

Within a few minutes, James Bradford approached, and noticed Felan's sign. For a moment, the big question was, "will he stop."

Eventually, Bradford appeared. The couple hugged. It was a touching sight, and after a moment, Felan whipped out a ring and her proposal.

"Will you honor me? Will you be my husband?" Felan asked.

Bradford said "yes." She put the ring on his finger, and the high school sweethearts are now headed down the aisle.

"I'm ready to get married and get it over with, and finally be happy," Felan said.

"We've been together a long time, and I'm excited," Bradford said. "I don't really know what to say, except that I will marry her, and I do love her."

Felan also had the date, time and place picked out.

"I guess Dec. 15 it is," Bradford said.

So the next time you see someone standing on a bridge, it might not be what you think. In Mathis, this Thanksgiving was one for the heart.