Meet Owner and Designer Cilinda Bogk

I am Cilinda Bogk, owner anddesigner of Interior Innovations. I have been in Interior Design and decoratingfor nineteen years. Before opening my own business, I worked as a designer atTrend House for eight years. In that timeframe, I learned a lot aboutinteracting with the general public in sales and service. After my employment withTrend House, I chose to venture into the new world of "businessowner" therefore opening up my company "Interior Innovations". Ithoroughly enjoy giving of my time and talents with the expectations of putting"smiles" on the faces of ALL my clients! I love my projects,

no matter whether theybegin as a simple "decorating" or "consultation"appointment, or possibly a full-remodel project! I take each one very personaland feel assured each client will be satisfied to the fullest extent, thathe/she will have "my" phone number "on hand" when they haveanother project to be done! I look at each project as a "work ofart," as each one is like no other! Putting peoples' personalities intotheir house make it a place they look forward to coming home to! That is what Ivalue about my business, as well as my skills/talents! We offer something thatis unique and not a "plan or design" that is duplicated in any otherhome we take on as "our project."