Folks with concerns about pollution and contamination problems along the shore of Corpus Christi Bay met Monday to see what can be done to address the problems.

The meeting, held at Del Mar College's Center for Economic Development, comes after potentially dangerous spikes in bacteria levels were discovered recently along the Bayfront.

Kiii News Reporter Bill Churchwell went Live with more details.

The Coastal Bend Bays Foundation hosted the meeting, and they were looking to hear concerns and questions about the bacteria levels in our Bayfront parks.

Cole Park was listed as one of the parks that the group is worried about, along with Ropes Park, both of which are located on the Bayfront.

The meeting focused on ways to clean up the water here in the bay. Those dangerous spikes in the bacteria levels actually triggered a state mandate to create healthier recreational waters at those locations, a process that is being overseen by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Of course, some of the causes of the pollution include leaky pipes, pet and wildlife waste, grass clippings, litter and pesticides -- pretty much anything that is dumped into our storm drains, because all of that goes right into the bay.

"It's probably important to keep the bay looking good and smelling good," concerned resident Amy Mitz said. "We were actually just walking by and commenting on how stinky it was a second ago."

"They're contaminated, you know it," concerned fisherman Roberto Cantu said. "I know everyone knows it, but everyone turns a blind eye because of the money."

"I think they should get out here and cleanup the trash," concerned resident Jasmine Gonzales said. "There's a lot of trash. People coming in leave a lot of trash out there. Looks ugly. A lot of bacteria involved."

Of course, a lot of people fish and wind surf there, and there are also triathlon competitions, so it's not only an environmental issue, but also an economic issue.

At least one more meeting will be held before a draft plan is due in June. The final plan will be submitted to the TCEQ in August.