CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — They're considered one of the latest in military fighter jets and the future of marine corps tactical aviation. 

Eventually they will replace three legacy military fighter jets including the FA18 hornet, which is the current jet flown by the navy's blue angels. 

're talking about the United States Marine Corp's F-35B Lightning II. 

The jets are made by Lockheed Martin and cost the government about $115,000,000  to build. 

More than 2,600 of them have been ordered through the year 2036. 

Marine training squadron 501 is in charge of teaching students how to fly them. 

"Our job is to train the next generation of marine fighter pilots on the F-35B," commanding officer Adam Levine said. 

The jets recently made a stop at NAS-Corpus Christi to showcase the aircraft for local flight students. 

The marine training squadron 501 is based out of Beaufort, South Carolina. 

That's where these pilots will be flying home to after their stop in South Texas.