Dr. Amit Verma is an electrical engineering professor at Texas A&M University - Kingsville. 

He is part of the faculty there that will begin training students in the field of nuclear energy. 

The university recently received a grant of over $600,000 for the next three years by the office of naval research.

The grant enables the students and faculty at TAMU-K to develop a broad base understanding of what the navy needs and requires.

"It represents the trust the navy has placed on us to help develop a skilled trained workforce for them," Verma said. 

 Electrical engineering student Jorge Zuniga said this program has given him a new interest in working with the military. 

"I think its a great merge and a great opportunity for those STEM students that are also interested in the Navy research," Zuniga said. 

Dr. Verma said the navy has some of the best high-tech equipment which requires a high level of skill which this program will help teach the basis of. 

"Without a highly trained engineering workforce, it is virtually impossible to even imagine operating and maintaining... and designing and developing such equipment," Verma said. 

 Currently mechanical engineering students who are pursuing their Master's are able to take up to three courses with relevance to naval research. 

The university expects its first class of graduates from this minor program to walk the stage this spring semester.