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Military Matters: NJROTC at Carroll High School

It's a long standing tradition in our high school: The NJROTC programs. Specifically, the one at Carroll High School.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — They are preparing for the future.

Meet a handful of the members of the Carroll High School NJROTC program. 

In fact, as of January, the junior NJROTC program has a new home on campus that gives cadets a real sense of what to expect, if they decide on a military career.  

The new facility even even has an indoor firing range to train cadets on how to handle fire arms, among many other military customs. 

The Carroll High School Program isn't just another course students take. 

In many instances, students who participate as cadets are following in the footsteps of siblings or even their parents. 

With brand new facilities, the Carroll High School NJROTC program will be there for generations to come.