If you have kids, you know the list of school supplies needed for the start of the school year seems to get longer and longer every year and that can take a toll on your pocketbook. That's why a program at Naval Air Station Kingsville is doing what it can to try and ease that burden for the folks at that military Installation.
It's called Operation School Supplies and it helps parents at NAS Kingsville prepare for the beginning of the school year by providing them with free school supplies for their kids.
Command Chaplain Billy Hardison says it's all about sailors helping sailors, "much of what we do on a base is to support our sailors and our dependents and the people who work here and so, we're constantly trying to look for ways to help the families and help out the sailors here and this program, we use with the start of school."
School liaison officer Jeanie Alexander started the program five years ago. Alexander said, "it can cost a pretty good penny to outfit two and three kids, just with school supplies, so any little bit we can help with."
Alexander said she was motivated to do something to help out military families in need with the rising costs of school supplies. Operation School Supplies has become a success, and since the program started, it has continued to grow and help more and more people every year. The supplies are open to all those on base who are in need and because of the generosity of those at NAS Kingsville, Operation School Supplies is making getting ready for the school year a little bit easier for military families.