Ensuring the integrity of Tuesday night's election in Nueces County is one of the main responsibilities of the District Clerk's Office at the Nueces County Courthouse.

However, for a while on Monday, Republicans in Nueces County raised concerns that a clerical mistake at the Clerk's Office would result in hundreds, even thousands, of mail-in ballots not being counted.

Someone noticed the return labels had the wrong address printed on them, but it turns out, there were a lot fewer of those bad labels than first thought.

There were only ten return envelopes in question, according to Nueces County Clerk Diana Barrera. It's an issue she says had been addressed long before this came to light on Friday.

It all started last fall, when the county leased out its election equipment to a union out at the base.

"We had provided this group with ten of these kits in the event they had mail-in ballots, and I guess they had placed their label on this," Barrera said.

The ten envelopes with the wrong return addresses were from an employee union out at the Naval Air Station. The mistake was discovered, and the County Clerk alerted the post office and the union to be on the lookout for any mislabeled envelopes.

On Friday, an email was sent out to registered Republicans, letting them know of the mistake. That email started a flurry of speculation of possible wrongdoing, which was quickly cleared up by a massive callout advising Republicans of options available to them, including going to the polls on election day; but once it became clear that the misdirected mail-in ballots would be directed to the Courthouse, the County Clerk and the Republican Party breathed a sigh of relief.

"Anything shows that has its official mail, everything is making its way over to us," Barrera said. "We have seen some that don't even have a stamp. Some that have one and might have required two, so everything is making its way over to us if a voter sent it over to us."

"We initiated robo-calls to all Republican voters advising them there might be a problem with that envelope," said Tom Knight, the Republican Party ballot security coordinator. "Check with the county to see if your vote has been received, and if it hasn't, go vote on election day."

Officials at the Republican headquarters said they understood that this was a clerical mistake, and that while each vote is important, they are focusing on election day Tuesday.