Police are stepping up patrol this holiday season, and this time around, there will be additional officers whose number one job is to hunt down drunk drivers.

According to police, this year, they are on track to arrest a record number of DWI suspects. This week they have already passed last years total of 900.

Police said that if you choose to get behind the wheel drunk, expect to see flashing lights in your rearview mirror.

Kiii News Reporter Bill Churchwell went Live from SPID near Everhart with the details.

"My understanding is that CCPD has filed 904 DWI cases so far this year, which puts us on a pace to hit 1,000, which has never happened before," Skurka said. "Many years since this happened."

This past weekend alone, CCPD officers pulled over and arrested 19 people accused of drinking and driving.

Skurka says that is a lot for one weekend, and more arrests are expected this holiday season, as CCPD is adding more cops on the street. Right now there are two officers whose only mission is to catch drunk drivers, but thanks to state grants, they will be able to add three additional DWI officers beginning on Black Friday and continuing through News Years.

"The no refusal policy we initiated several years ago has worked like a charm," Skurka said. "We are getting blood or breath in 99-percent of the cases, which helps our prosecutors in the court to prosecute them. The problem is that people need to stop drinking and driving."

Skurka says that, when you add up the court costs and attorney fees, a person who is arrested for drunk driving can expect to pay up to $17,000; but a price you can't afford to pay is with someone's life.