The mother of a 14-year old girl who said she was sexually assaulted earlier this week at Moody High School is speaking out.

She said her daughter is too afraid to go back to school because the student accused of committing the assault is still there.

Christina Benavides said she thought her daughter was in the safest place when she dropped her off at school this past Monday, but then came the phone call that her daughter was in the hospital, the alleged victim of a sexual assault.

"I wish they would do something to him," Benavides said. "He's walking around free as a bird. She's at home, terrified to go to school. She's afraid of him."

Benavides said her daughter was approached by an older student in the hallway at school when he allegedly forced her out to the softball fields, where the incident occurred. When Benavides asked why her daughter did not yell out, she said the boy threatened to beat her if she did.

"I want him to feel scared as she felt when he was dragging her, when he did everything he did to her. Pinned her against that thing," Benavides said. "Said, 'Mom, I could just focus on the rock on the floor. My mind just left my body.'"

Benavides said the alleged assault was interrupted by a security guard who yelled at them. That was when she said the boy picked up his pants and took off running, leaving her daughter on the ground.

Corpus Christi Independent School District officials could not say whether or not the student accused of the attack is still going to class. However, CCISD Police Chief Kirby Warnke said that, at this point, they do not have sufficient evidence to make an arrest, but the investigation is still open.

Right now, Benavides said that, while that is frustrating, her only option is to pull her daughter out of school and do what is called a safety transfer to another campus.