A mother and her toddler managed to escape with their lives after their trailer home at the Town N Country Trailer Park in Flour Bluff went up in flames.

Starlett Brown's trailer caught fire just before noon on Monday, on Yorktown and Waldron Road in Flour Bluff. The family had only lived there a few months, and are now having to find a new place to live.

Not only that, but all their clothing and furniture was lost in this fire.

Emergency crews raced to the trailer in the hopes of saving it, but within minutes it was a total loss.

Brown said she had just gotten up in the morning and turned the TV on when the breaker blew.

"My breaker flipped, so I was on my way back to flip the breaker and I couldn't see past the kitchen," Brown said. "It was just so black, so I just got my kid and dogs and cat and split, and screaming, I am so scared of electricity. This is like my nightmare. My nightmare and, it's gone."

Brown and her two-year old daughter Chelsea made it out safely. No other trailers were damaged in the fire as crews made sure the flames did not spread from the blaze.