Opening arguments were presented Wednesday morning as the trial of 25-year old Chastity and 56-year old Dennis Longbine, a father and daughter accused of shooting and killing 30-year old Jesse Quintanilla to death back in May of 2012, began in the 319th District Court.

The first witness called to the stand by prosecutors was a neighbor of Chastity Longbine's who said he witnessed the incident from his upstairs window. He told the court that he could see Chastity pointing a gun at Quintanilla from about five-10 feet away, saying "get the **** away from me. I'm tired of your ****."

Prosecutors then played a recording of the 911 call the witness made after seeing the incident unfold. In the recording, the witness tells 911 dispatch that he saw Chastity with the gun in her waist, adding that he has called authorities several times for domestic disturbances between the two but that Chastity refuses to press charges on him. He said he wants to get rid of the guy so that Chastity is safe from him.

During cross examination by the defense, the witness stated that before the shooting, he heard a thud against the wall and then seconds later, gunshots.