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Great white shark tracked in Long Island Sound for the first time

Cabot the shark was first tagged in 2018 in Nova Scotia.
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
Great White Shark underwater picture

A great white shark first seen in 2018 in Nova Scotia has been tracked in Long Island Sound for the first time ever, according to researchers. 

Cabot the shark was spotted on Monday off the coast of Greenwhich, Connecticut by OCEARCH, an organization focused on accelerating "the ocean's return to balance." OCEARCH has tagged and tracked more than 400 animals. 

"I heard sending a ping from the Long Island Sound had never been done before by a white shark...so naturally I had to visit and send one off," said a tweet from an account for CABOT run by OCEARCH. According to his Twitter bio, he's named after the explorer John Cabot. 

Cabot's unusual appearance in the Long Island Sound led the public to rush to the OCEARCH's website, overloading its tracker. 

Chris Fischer, OCEARCH's founding chairman, told CBS News that Cabot's appearance was "something to celebrate." 

 "I know they've been working hard in the sound to clean it up and to get life to come back to the region and when you have an apex predator like Cabot move in to the area, that's a sign there's a lot of life in the area and you've probably got things moving in the right direction," he said.

An OCEARCH spokesperson told NBC News that they're currently trying to figure out if Cabot was still on the north side of Long Island, or if he had moved south.