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Here are the most-searched superhero, villain Halloween costumes of 2019

Whether it's Marvel, DC, or even Power Rangers, here are the heroes and villains people want to dress as this year.

You'll love this 3000.

Google has released its list of the most-searched Halloween costumes of 2019, and if you're in the mood for playing a superhero or villain, so are a lot of other people. 

The top costume from this genre is "Spider-Man." It's not surprising given the recent success of Marvel's "Avengers: Endgame" and "Spider-Man: Far From Home." It may have also received a boost from the recent news that "Spider-Man" will remain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"Descendants" -- the series about the offspring of Disney villains -- comes in No. 2

Next is DC's "Harley Quinn," aka The Joker's less-than-stable girlfriend. Played on the big screen by Margot Robbie, Quinn was featured in 2016's "Suicide Squad" and will be seen again next February in "Birds Of Prey" and the 2021 sequel "The Suicide Squad."

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The aforementioned "Joker" is fourth, working off the buzz around the dark origin story that has people talking about an Oscar for Joaquin Phoenix. 

"Power Rangers" are fifth on the hero and villains list. It doesn't say if we're talking "Mighty Morphin" or "Zayn's."

Next is a Justice League 1-2 punch -- "Batman" is No. 6 among the superheroes followed by "Wonder Woman" at No. 7. "Catwoman" is eighth.

"Thor" comes in No. 9, and that opens up a lot of possibilities. Are we talking the original, fully blonde Thor? Thor with the short haircut and eye patch? Overweight Thor from "Avengers: Endgame?" Or is it the female Thor? In case you hadn't heard, Natalie Portman will take the Thor mantle in the upcoming MCU sequel.

Avengers "Captain America" and "Iron Man" round out the top 11.