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Neighbors say mosquitoes are big problem in colonias

Jessica Niles said during one rain event, the mosquitoes multiply fast. And when she steps outside of the house, during a rain event, the mosquitoes multiply fast.

NUECES COUNTY, Texas — A Nueces County resident said she and her family can't go outside during wet season because the mosquitoes are so bad.

Jessica Niles, a resident of the Tierra Grande colonias, told 3News with just one rain event, the mosquitoes multiply fast and when she steps outside of the house, the mosquitoes are on the prowl.

"It gets the point where you sit down but can't have a conversation outside cause you have to run inside really quick and the kids can't enjoy being outside. It gets pretty ridiculous," said Niles.

Niles said she pays taxes just like everyone else, but all she wants is for her voice to be heard.

"We're people, we deserve to be heard mainly and all these disasters all these things that come around. We're not asking for freebies, just point us in the right direction. That's it," she said 

The Nueces County Public Works Director, Juan Pimentel told 3News, weather permitting, they'll be spraying parts of Tierra Grande on Saturday night.

Also, if residents of Nueces County are having mosquitoes issues, they're asked to call the Nueces County Public Works Office at 361-854-2611.