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Nueces County District Attorney’s office and Bishop Police form new partnership to combat drug traffickers

The partnership is a force 'multiplier' that will allow Bishop P.D. officers to extend their jurisdiction county-wide.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A task force that patrols Highway 77 to stop the flow of narcotics and drug money from Mexico is now able to double up its effort thanks to a new partnership between the Nueces County D.A.'s office and the Bishop Police Department.

You could say the partnership is a force 'multiplier' that will allow Bishop P.D. officers to extend their jurisdiction county-wide, specifically along Highway 77. Police Chief Edward Day along with Nueces County D.A. Mark Gonzalez signed the partnership agreement Monday afternoon.

Chief Day says hundreds of thousands of vehicles travel to and from Mexico through their jurisdiction daily and among the traffic there are criminals who are transporting everything from drugs to guns, drug money, and are even taking part in human trafficking.

Chief Day says the partnership with the Narcotics and Criminal Interdiction Task Force will allow them to increase patrols along the highway and stop the bad guys as well as take advantage of seized cash.

"We can utilize that for training and equipment and other things to better our department," said Bishop Police Chief Edward Day."

“If everyone is part of this partnership no matter what jurisdiction or small community you are in, you will have someone there to help you out,” said Nueces County District Attorney Mark Gonzalez. “When we are in Bishop, we are able to call for backup we are able to get assistance, whether it's looking in a compartment or putting a vehicle on a lift, we will have someone there to help us out."

The D.A.'s office already has a partnership with Robstown P.D. and Gonzalez said they are working on other agreements with precinct 5 constable's office and precinct 3 constable's office. To date, the task force has seized over $1.2 million dollars in suspected drug money going south and hundreds of pounds of drugs going north.

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