A hit and run accident on Ocean Drive left a jogger with critical injuries Sunday night.

The crash happened around 8:30 p.m. Sunday at Poenisch and Ocean Drive. Police said a 21-year old jogger was not on a cross walk when she crossed from Swanter Park to Poenish Drive. That is when a sport utility vehicle traveling east on Ocean Drive hit the woman.

"What the witnesses say, seems the jogger, pedestrian was at fault," said Art Trevino with the Corpus Christi Police Department. "She was crossing at an angle. She even seems to have hesitated a little bit, saw the vehicle. She made the bad judgement, thought the vehicle had seen her. Obviously they had not."

Witnesses said the driver of the SUV then slowed down, as if to turn around and render aid, but instead took off.

The jogger was rushed to the hospital with critical head injuries. Because of the evidence left on the scene, police have a good idea of what kind of vehicle hit the woman.

They believe it is a late 1990s model GMC Suburban, or Chevy Tahoe, possibly tan in color. It will have front-end damage and a missing passenger-side headlight.

Police are also hoping some surveillance cameras near the crash scene captured images of the vehicle.