A man driving recklessly just after 2 a.m. Friday out of the parking lot of a nightclub in the 5400 block of Leopard Street caught the attention of a Corpus Christi police officer on patrol.

The officer heard loud tires squealing and saw a 2009 Dodge truck exit a parking lot at a high rate of speed. He then saw the truck began swerving, almost making a complete circle in the roadway. The truck nearly struck another vehicle that was also traveling west on Leopard Street. That vehicle had to swerve out of the way in order to avoid being hit by the truck.

Officers stopped the truck on Leopard Street, near North Padre Island Drive, and arrested the driver, 24-year old Eduardo Torres, for reckless driving.

When officers went to impound his truck for no liability insurance, they found three marijuana cigarettes on the floorboard. The suspect was additionally charged with possession of marijuana, a Class B Misdemeanor.