A Corpus Christi police officer called emergency crews to the intersection of Old Brownsville Road and Saratoga Boulevard just after 9 a.m. Monday after spotting what he believed to be a quarter-mile oil slick left behind by a passing tanker truck.

Police arrived on the scene and began diverting traffic away from the intersection, sending drivers from Old Brownsville Road to Saratoga Boulevard. Fire crews were also called out to the scene to assist in the cleanup, and crews from the Texas Department of Transportation arrived to lay down some sand to absorb the oil.

Officers believe a passing tanker truck turning from Saratoga onto southbound Old Brownsville Road was dumping crude oil. It is not clear whether the driver of that truck noticed the spill and eventually shut off the truck valve, or if the contents of his tanker were emptied on the road, but the oil slick does go about a quarter of a mile south down Old Brownsville Road.

TxDOT sent more vehicles carrying sand to finish the cleanup. Meanwhile, Old Brownsville Road was shut down to one lane for half a mile south of Saratoga Boulevard.