A one-year old girl who nearly drowned in a swimming pool on the 6000 block of Lost Creek Friday morning was pronounced dead Monday morning.

The child's 20-year old mother told police Friday that she had gone to the bathroom, and in the few moments that she was gone, her daughter, Ava Garza, somehow managed to get into the backyard and fell in the swimming pool. When the mother came out, she found her daughter underwater.

Neighbors heard the mother's cries for help and immediately offered their assistance, performing CPR until medics could arrive. It is believed that the little girl was in the water for several minutes. She was taken to Driscoll Children's Hospital.

Police at this point are saying the incident appears to be just a horrible accident.

Sadly, the number of drowning-related deaths involving children is a big problem. So far, 68 kids have already drowned just in Texas this year, and nine of those happened right here in South Texas.

John Lennan with Child Protective Services shared some startling statistics. Of the 68 children who drowned in Texas, 37 of them, more than half, died in swimming pools. Although we live right on the coast, only one child has died at a beach in Texas.

Lennan said it could be because parents or caregivers are more aware of the dangers at a beach, but overlook or have a false sense of security when they are poolside.

But the more eyes watching out for a little one, the better.

"A lot of times you may hear people say, 'I thought somebody else was watching the child,'" Lennan said. "This is where we want to say appoint a watcher, and perhaps that watcher can be someone that is partaking with the child, you know, in the water. And this way, it promotes, you know, family bonding."

Another sad statistic is the age of the victims. Most were less than one year old.

If you want to know more about water safety, check out the tips recommended by Child Protective Services at www.watchkidsaroundwater.org.