The Perez family in Orange Grove is having to start over after a fire destroyed their home and all of their possessions on Wednesday.

Fortunately, the community is stepping up to help them.

The family lost everything -- the home they lived in, and everything inside of it; but what did survive the house fire is what is most valuable and important, and that is the people inside the home, including five young kids.

On Thursday, community members went by what is left of the Perez family home on County Road 350 in Orange Grove, offering help in the form of money, gift cards, furniture, clothing, food and water. They even delivered food and water for the family's pet dogs.

The Perez children, two boys and three girls ranging from seven years old and below, were pulled out of the burning house early Wednesday morning by their grandmother, surviving only with the clothes on their backs.

The mother of the children, Maricela Perez, said even what the kids were wearing on Thursday was donated by the community.

"You know, the kids don't know what's going on, but it's like, I think we're all still in shock," Perez said. "But all this, it hasn't hit yet, but eventually it will. But we're all going to get through it. The family. The community. We've all pulled together."

As for Sylvia Perez, the 66-year old grandmother who rescued the kids, she is recovering in the hospital, getting her severe burn wounds checked out.

Maricela and her kids are staying in a hotel in Orange Grove for two days with the assistance of the American Red Cross. After that, they don't know where they will be staying.

A benefit account has been set up for the Sylvia Perez family at Value Bank.