Two neighbors have been in a custody dispute over a dog named Scrappy, a one-year old terrier mix that needs surgery for a broken leg.

The neighbors of Scrappy's original owners say they had taken the dog in after he was hit by a car, and set up a Facebook page to raise money for the surgery. They said that they managed to raise the needed funds.

However, Scrappy is now back at home with his original owners after Corpus Christi police were involved and the pet was returned to them.

Kiii News tried contacting the original owners over the weekend, but they were not available for comment at the time; but on Sunday, we received a text message statement from them.

"Hello I am the puppys owner ...i dont know if wel have a chance to talk but I jus want everyone to know that we love our dog and our scrappy is getting the medical care that he needs...this girl is making us to be the bad ppl ...but the turth is that we love our dogs and nothing she says about us is true. we are doing everthing we can to get our scrappy the surgery he needs....and I jus want the public to know ther are two sides to this story...and everyone needs to know my part...animal control and the vet saw the puppy and said the dog was looking good and healthy...yes he has a broken leg but we are taking every step to get his surgery done....and we are a good family and would never neglect our kids love our scrappy ...and this slander."

So despite the dispute between neighbors, at least it appears that, for Scrappy, there is a happy ending.