It has been just over six months since construction began on the Schlitterbahn Water Park project out on Padre Island, and if you have driven out there, you've no doubt seen progress.

Aside from the work being done out on the Island, crews are hard at work at the Schlitterbahn headquarters in New Braunfels, working on slides and some key equipment that will eventually be coming here.

Kiii News Reporter Anayeli Ruiz went Live with the details of the Schlitterbahn construction project.

Workers were giving the Country Club building on Padre Island a much needed facelift on Friday, but in New Braunfels, another phase of the project is underway. Workers there are busy constructing parts for the rides that will go to the Padre Island water park. The parts will be shipped here and put together on site.

So far, they have built massive screw pumps that move about 36,000 gallons of water a minute. Some of the children's area is also being built, like a butterfly slide and a mushroom slide.

"When they start seeing the landscape being put down on the ground, they will be excited," said Stan Hulse, general manager of Schlitterbahn Padre Island. "They won't have to wait long for that."

There is also a crew working out near Park Road 32, where they're excavating and creating a canal system that will ruin through the park and connect it to the natural canal.

Despite all of the construction going on, the country club and golf course are still open for business.