Recorded phone calls from the Nueces County Jail took center stage in day three of the Laura Day capital murder trial on Friday.

Day is accused of allegedly causing the drowning death of her six-year old stepson, Taylor Syring, back in October of 2012.

Day appeared to be listening carefully to the phone conversations with her husband. The 150 calls, all state's evidence used to build the case against her, were recorded during her time in jail.

Of those calls, Corpus Christi Police Department Detective Mary Pena testified that "Taylor," the victim's name, only came up 40 times. The rest of the calls focused on moving on with life.

In one phone clip, Day tells her husband, David Syring, "I want you to know I tried everything. I was trying." Then, Day asks about Syring's interview with police, where she said, "You made it sound like I was so cold. Did you tell them you were holding me? It was a judgement call. I was on the beach and I didn't know where I was."

The state expects to call more witnesses on Monday.