Police say preventing your car from getting targeted by thieves is as easy as locking your doors.

"We want to reduce the opportunity for thieves to grab these easily obtained items, credit cards, personal electronics," said Senior Officer Kirk Stowers of the Corpus Christi Police Department. "Best policy, don't leave anything in your vehicle. Lock your vehicle. Anything you do have in there, hide it in your trunk or something like that."

The warning comes after two people, 18-year old Bruce Garcia and 17-year old Aria Gutierrez, were arrested for auto burglary. A third person was later released from custody.

Police said a witness called authorities after spotting the suspect checking the door handles on cars outside of Homewood Suites. Police found the crooks, who had a couple of stolen credit cards along with a stolen GPS, iPod and a watch.

Both Garcia and Gutierrez were charged with burglary of a vehicle. The stolen items were returned to their owners.