Police have released more details about a robbery that took place at around 1:30 p.m. Thursday in the 3100 block of Halifax. Two armed men had entered a house in that area and robbed two females who lived there.

According to police, the two females were moving items out of their house and had left the front door open. While they were inside, the first suspect entered the house and demanded keys to the truck parked outside. That suspect was described as a being about five-foot seven and weighing 120-140 pounds. He had tattoos covering both arms and was carrying a crowbar.

Police said the victims tried to flee into one of the bedroom, but the second suspect entered the house and grabbed one of the females by the arm. The second suspect was described as being about five-foot eight or five-foot nine and weighing 170-190 pounds. He was wearing an orange and yellow towel over his face and was carrying a large knife and a crowbar.

The suspects took the victims' wallets and cell phones and began to try and remove the television. While doing so, one of the females ran outside and began to scream for help. She fell as she was running and one of the suspects jumped on top of her and tried to cover her mouth. She continued to yell, and the suspect ran off.

The female was able to make it to the neighbors home and call police.

Meanwhile, the second suspect was still inside the home with the other female victim. He managed to leave the house with the TV and cable box and went to a white Chevrolet Malibu sedan that was parked nearby. A female was in the driver's seat.

That's when a 45-year old male witness approached the suspect with the TV. The suspect put the TV down and begin swinging the crowbar at the witness, and then picked up the TV and ran to the corner of Halifax and Calgary streets to hide in some bushes. The female in the white vehicle pulled up and called to the suspect. He threw the TV in the car and got in. The second suspect appeared from hiding as well and jumped into the trunk of the vehicle and they drove off.

If you have any information about this crime, please call Crime Stoppers at 361-888-8477.