It's a scary situation that almost seems unreal. A woman is allegedly held against her will and tortured, police say at the hands of her neighbor.
The woman was discovered an apartment complex on the 3200 block of Reid, off Alameda. Police say they got a call from a person who said they had heard a woman's voice, screaming "help".
When police got to the apartment where the screams were coming from, a 26 year old woman answered the door and told police everything was okay, but that's when the officer noticed that another woman was inside yelling for help.
The officer found a 48-year-old woman being held against her will.
The victim had tape over her mouth and had cigarette burns on her arms and legs.
The victim told police she had been held captive for over two hours.
According to police it was all over some possible stolen property.
The suspect was arrested and now faces several charges.