We are learning more about the allegations of a local mom who says police used excessive force when arresting her 16-year old son.

Tuesday we got the Corpus Christi Police Department's response, they say the officers in question were patrolling the Holly and Kostoryz area on foot. They say the neighborhood has seen a spike in crime, in fact in the past two months police responded to more than 80 crime calls in that area.

The officers say when they saw the 16-year old boy was walking down the street, they approached him and asked him to identify himself. Officers say the young man refused and pulled his hands out of his pocket, both hands were closed fists. Police say they asked if he would consent to a search and that he again refused and started swinging at the officers, As they tried to detain him they say they tased him and placed him under arrest.

"If you have nothing to hide, you stop talk to the officer and more than likely you are going to be on your way. Had he stopped talked to the officers the most he could of received was a citation for curfew, said CCPD Captain Mike Alanis.

The young man was checked out by medics and then transported to the Nueces County Juvenile Justice Center.