CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — 2019 was a busy one for homicide detectives with the Corpus Christi Police Department.

In all, there were 28 homicide investigations over the year, some of which had multiple victims.

The list is long, however a majority of cases have been solved.

A few of them are highlighted in this article.

In March, family and friends came together to remember 21 year old Gabrielle Prado following a heartbreaking crime.

It was back on March first when the young woman was shot and killed at a house party on South Staples Street near Del Mar College.

26-year-old Julian Garcia was arrested for the shooting.

In August, another young victim of violence, 21 year old Jasmine Ozuna.  She was driving near Moody High School with a friend when they heard gunshots.

Ozuna sped away, later she realizing she had been shot.  She died at the hospital.

While two people were arrested for the crime based on a tip, a grand jury decided there wasn't enough evidence to send Isaac and David Molina to trial for her murder.

Jasmine's mother, Sylvia Ozuna had this to say during a 3 News interview, "It's not fair that they took our baby and they walk away free to just spend Thanksgiving with their families and Christmas. It's not fair."

Jasmine's family continues to search for justice.

The following month would bring the shocking discovery made in an up-scale Kings Crossing home on the city's south-side.  The suspect, Mohammad Sahi, a 72 year old grandfather stands accused of killing his daughter and grandson and nearly killing another grandson.  During his first court appearance, Sahi admitting to the judge what he is accused of.

"I did it. Whatever you are charging me is correct," said Sahi.

He faces charges of capital murder and aggravated assault.

Also in September, police responded to a Leopard Street motel where they found a 34 year old woman dead.  Police later released surveillance video of the crime that shows a hooded figure who opens fire at a room at the Valley Motel.

Bullets striking the concrete, a vent, and a third goes through the window hitting 34 year old Sophia Lott, killing her.

Police arrested a possible suspect, but the man was eventually cleared.

Authorities still need your help to solve that crime.  If you have any information call police at 886-2600.

The latest homicide happened on December 13, when police were called to the 500 block of Claride Drive, near Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi, where they found the bodies of three individuals with apparent gunshot wounds.

The Nueces County Medical Examiner's Office identified the victims Wednesday as 39-year-old James Edward Tennant, 49-year-old John Wayne Hughes, and 59-year-old Steven Romine. All died from gunshot wounds.

A day after the shooting, police were able to track down two suspects, 29-year-old Benjamin Lebleu and 27-year-old Miles Dingman.