DALLAS — Michael Bloomberg hasn’t even formally announced he’s running for president in 2020, but the former New York City mayor is starting an ad blitz across the country, including in Texas.

Bloomberg’s campaign produced a 60-second commercial that goes after President Donald Trump directly, rather than fellow Democrats who he would first have to face in the primaries.

The campaign commercials begin airing in Dallas-Fort Worth area on Thanksgiving Day. Bloomberg’s campaign also purchased air time in Houston, as well.

“He’s skipping the early states. So, while everyone else is talking about Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina, he’s going to be talking about these big states,” said Ross Ramsey, co-founder and executive editor of the Texas Tribune, in a taping for Sunday’s Inside Texas Politics. “If you can score some points in Texas, maybe make some noise, you might be able to get some delegates here.”

Bloomberg is spending $19 million, CNBC reported, to target voters not only in Texas but also in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi and Pennsylvania. 

Unlike most other candidates, Bloomberg can finance much of his own campaign which is one reason he does not have to focus as much on early voting states.

Just this week, Bloomberg filed to the paperwork to get on Texas ballot.

Biden still leads Democrats in recent Texas polls, but the former vice president has not been as successful in fundraising.

Bloomberg, 77, is a former Republican, and has pledged to spend $100-million dollars in the 2020 campaign. His net worth is an estimated $50-billion dollars. 

A formal campaign announcement is reportedly expected soon.

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