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Curbside voting doesn't mean 'drive-thru' voting

"It is very clear in the law of who is eligible to vote curbside"

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Early voting in Texas started on October 13th and will last through October 30th. From mail in voting, to curbside voting, many Texas counties are doing everything in their power to make sure every registered voter can cast their vote.

"My job is to protect the integrity of this election and to make sure that every registered voter in Nueces County who wants to vote, that they have a easily accessible location where they can cast their ballot to protect them and their vote. that is my job," said Nueces County Clerk, Kara Sands. Sands is also the Elections Administrator.

And still living in a pandemic, Sands wants to remind the vulnerable population: Your voices will be heard and polling locations are safe.

"Priority voting. What priority voting is is that if you're disabled, you come inside, we will move you to the front of the line. That's priority voting," Sands added.

Curbside voting doesn't mean 'drive-thru' voting. It's actually a last resort to vote

"It's curbside if you are physically unable to enter the polling location. That's it. It's not because you don't want to wait in line, it's not because you fear of COVID. That's not a reason to do curbside voting. It is very clear in the law of who is eligible to vote curbside,"

Here's how it works:

When you get to your polling location, head to the parking lot. You'll start to see these signs that say 'curbside voting,'. When it's your turn, you'll notice a number. Once you dial the number and get a hold of a local voting representative, they'll ask you if you are eligible to vote curbside, if you are, they'll ask you for your ID to verify that you're registered. Then, someone from that voting location will print your access code that you'll need to cast your vote. And finally, that voting representative will hand you a voting tablet to let your voice be heard.

Sands wants to remind the residents of Nueces County, on Sundays, only the courthouse is available for voting. The other locations will be closed.