CHARLOTTE, N.C. — After a woman was given the wrong ballot while early voting this week, officials stress the need to make sure you examine your ballot closely before actually voting.

“Most important thing is to review your sample ballot before you go to vote,” Kristin Mavromatis from the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections said.

Mavromatis said there was miscommunication between poll workers and the woman and she was given the wrong ballot, a ballot that only listed the Ninth Congressional District race and none of the city primary races.

“The next poll worker who was proofing it then gave her exactly what she thought she should be given," Mavromatis said. "At that point, there is some ownership on the voter to know what should be on their ballot."

Mavromatis said the woman did contact them immediately, but after she left the building. In other words, the woman went ahead and cast her ballot anyway, instead of consulting a poll worker.

“At any time, if you don’t see what you think you should be seeing, do not cast the ballot,” said Mavromatis.

The woman has been given a provisional ballot that allows her to cast her votes for both the congressional race and the city primaries.

Early voting is scheduled to end on Friday in Mecklenburg County.