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Texas Republican candidates suing to keep more than 20 Libertarians off the November ballot

Libertarians are making an appeal to some voters because of their liberal views on social issues like marijuana legalization.

TEXAS, USA — Most Texas voters believe the state is off its course.

More than 50% said the Lone Star State isn’t headed in the right direction under Gov. Greg Abbott, according to the University of Texas at Tyler survey. It’s a statistic some not embedded in Texas politics see as an opening for another choice in the race for governor. 

Libertarians running for office in Texas are hoping to be spoilers in November. Mark Tippetts is making some noise as the Libertarian nominee for governor of Texas.

“You do have choices here in Texas. We do have choices,” Tippetts said.

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He’s trying to get the word out on his campaign platform as he’s tied for 3rd at 3% against Democrat Beto O’Rourke in the polls. Republican Greg Abbott maintains his lead ahead of the pack.

“Let Texans know that they have the right to hear from all the candidates, not just the Democrats and Republicans," Tippetts said. 

Tippetts is running a campaign on school choice, opposing government mandates, tax cuts and cutting back on spending.

“They will be getting their freedoms and liberties returned,” Tippetts said.

Libertarians are also making an appeal to some voters because of their liberal views on some social issues like marijuana legalization.

"It’s a war against the minorities period,” Tippetts said. “Those are the people that are being locked up in record numbers for consuming a plant for crying out loud.”

KHOU 11’s political expert Bob Stein does not see a path for the Libertarian candidate to win despite a close platform with Republicans.

“I see no evidence of that — I don’t see any evidence that Libertarian candidates have drawn votes away from Republicans," Stein said. "What I do see, however, is Republicans trying to engage in these, what I call, efforts to change the rules of the game.” 

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The reason, according to Stein, is primarily for lower ballot races, which could see much of the Libertarian successes.

“I think Libertarians may do some interesting candidates down the ballot for state offices, state legislature, but no, they’re simply are not able to mount much of a campaign,” Stein said.

Republican candidates are working to remove some Libertarians from the November ballot by suing to remove them. The lawsuit came from individual Republican candidates, not the party itself, but the Texas GOP released a statement saying, “We support following the law, and any candidate who fails to do so should deal with the consequences.”

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