Corpus Christi Port commissioners voted Thursday to take some property that had been for sale on Harbor Island off the market for now.

Last year, the Port of Corpus Christi tried to sell the land in question to Martin Midstream, which was planning to build a refinery-like facility on Harbor Island. However, that was kept secret until the deal ultimately fell through.

Since then, the Port Aransas City Council began the process of changing the zoning on that property so as to prohibit any future industrial facilities on Harbor Island. It was based on a major outcry from Port Aransas residents.

"I'm a citizen of Port Aransas and our city and citizens don't want a refinery on Harbor Island. That is our request," Port Aransas resident Douglas Daniell said. "I would like to see the Port market the land and realize its potential for cruise ships, hotels, motels, whatever it is; and there is other uses in the oil industry, just not a refinery."

Despite the expected zoning change and the Port's action on Thursday, a spokesperson for Martin Midstream has said the company is still interested in buying that land on Harbor Island. Also, the Port has taken the position that the Port Aransas City Council may not have the authority to decide how that land can be used.