Spider experts want to warn the public about a new venomous critter that is being found all over the Portland area, especially since lots of people are expected to be out and about this Easter weekend.

It's called the brown widow, not to be mistaken for the common black widow or the brown recluse.

"Their venom is more toxic, but they're smaller spiders," said Bill Boyd of ABC Home & Commercial Services. "Their fangs are smaller. They may not even penetrate you if they bite you to get past your skin. But they can penetrate your skin. They are big enough to do that."

Experts say their venom is more toxic than black widow spiders, but they have less of it. A local pest control employee who has been finding the brown spider all over Portland showed 3News some of the spiders he has caught.

He said the brown widows are mostly found hiding in the nooks and crevices of plastic furniture and trash containers, or underneath them.

"Probably the best thing is just to use a vacuum cleaner and vacuum them up," said Dr. James Mobley of the San Patricio County Department of Public Health. "But what we really want people to do is, before they go out and interact in the spider's environment, to check first and not just reach underneath and then find out there was a spider under there."

Mobley said being bit by a brown widow is sort of like getting stung by a bee, but it can be pretty painful. He recommends that if anybody does get bit, they should go to the emergency room to get checked out.

So far, there have been no bites in the San Patricio County area, but they want to get the word out because the brown widows are multiplying in the area.