If you cast your ballot on Tuesday and did not have any problems, you were in the majority; but some of your friends and neighbors say they did have some issues at various polling places.

The issues mostly had to do with ID requirements. There is word that our election officials are reconsidering their training procedure for election judges.

There were many complaints from voters that, at some polling places, they were being asked for two forms of ID, or told that they had to have a driver's license to vote; none of which are true requirements, but certainly caused concern among the respective parties.

"There has been some allegations reported and I've communicated that with some of our election judges and alternant and clerks," said Kimberly Curtis, Republican Party Chair.

"Despite the extensive training, despite the media putting it out there that the Supreme Court had struck down this law, individual clerks still took it upon themselves to require a voter ID," said Joseph Ramirez, Democratic Party Chair.

It is believed that the confusion was the result of the Texas law that was rejected by a federal court, which would have required voters to present photo IDs to election officials before being allowed to cast ballots. The three-judge panel ruled that the law imposed "strict, unforgiving burdens on the poor," and noted that racial minorities in Texas were more likely to live in poverty.

While Nueces County elections officials said they reminded precinct chairs and other election workers of the correct ID rules, County Clerk Diana Barrera said more education will be forthcoming.

"Part of our processes in years past was, if a person came in and they didn't have a voter registration card, the first thing that we'd ask is, 'well, do you have a driver's license,' because that's really what everybody else does have," Barrera said. "It doesn't mean that we were requiring that, but now I think our approach has to change because there is so much sensitivity to it."

Barrera said that, for the next election, voters should expect to see instructions to be posted near the polling place where you cast your ballot. That should help clear up any questions about what form of ID we need to vote.