A Corpus Christi woman swatting a bug that was crawling on her while driving ended up swerving and driving up a guy wire connected to a live power pole on Joyce near the Crosstown Expressway around noon Wednesday.

Luckily, a good samaritan helped keep her safe inside of her vehicle until emergency crews arrived to the scene.

"I basically left from work to get a fountain drink, came back and the lady was up there and she was riding up the guy wire," witness Joe Lucas said. "I was just so scared that she was going to open the door, and the car was going to lose balance and it could have crushed her if that car would have fell. It would have hurt her, if not killed her."

American Electric Power Texas had to cut power to about 1,500 customers for a short time while crews freed the woman from her vehicle. The woman was taken to the hospital to be checked out.