Jim Wells County authorities got a call Friday morning from a woman who said that her house had been ransacked and she found her 35-year old son dead.

Now, 23-year old Ricardo Gonzalez has been charged with capital murder.

Investigators said the victim, 35-year old Michael Rodriguez, met Gonzalez at a bar Thursday night in Premont. They ended up at Rodriguez's home on County Road 430. That's where Rodriguez was found dead Friday morning.

On Friday, friends and family could be seen mourning at that address.

Authorities say another crime was committed after the murder.

"After the victim was killed, Mr. Rodriguez, a television was taken from the house and several watches," said Captain Brandon Torres of the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office. "You know we couldn't locate the victim's wallet, and the TV was taken, so that's what makes it a capital murder, because somebody was killed and a burglary was committed. Another felony was committed at the same time."

Torres said the community of Premont played a pivotal role in helping to find the suspect as people came forward to say they had purchased items such as a TV and a watch. Those items, authorities say, were stolen from the victim's house.

Authorities said the victim suffered blunt force trauma and was strangled to death.