CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — What should runners be eating and drinking Friday night before Beach to Bay?

Most participants who run Beach to Bay are running anywhere from three to over four miles while others are either running a half marathon or the whole 26.2 miles.

"Boosted up ready to run and have that energy," Erica Cockrum said. "Pasta tonight, some chicken," Cockrum said. 

"Well my mom wants me to eat healthy like cucumbers and salads, but I try," Alexis Saldivar said. 

According to runners, for the relay, there's no need to eat a huge meal the night before.

For people who are running the half or full marathon, alone Olive Garden was there to help.

"We come to support them, to carb up the night before, so they're ready for the big race the next day," manager Marisah Catalano said. 

A Coastal Bend restaurant also jumped on the carb train.

Chris Ardueser with Hester's Cafe said on Friday they push sweet dishes after the race. 

"Then come on down and enjoy a sweet treat afterward," Ardueser said.

Frank's Spaghetti House sees an increase in business the night before the race.

"It's always been busy here at franks spaghetti house for Beach to Bay," co-owner Elma Moody said. 

According to Moody, between hungry runners and high school graduates, they serve up a lot of pasta and parmesan chicken.

"They're excellent customers, we love them," Moody said. 

Students from Taft Middle School keep it clean before the relay.

"I'm eating healthy until tomorrow after it then I'm just gonna eat fat," Mike Mendoza said. 

"We told our coach that if we get a good place, he'll take us to golden corral," Alexis Saldivar said. 

Regardless of runners pre-race fuel choices, all of them share the same belief -- do not try anything new the night before or day of the race.

Organizers urge regardless of the leg or length you are running hydrate with water.