It is just 85 days until the election. Both Democrats and Republicans, even the candidates in non-partisan elections, are rapidly putting their personal strategies into place.

There was a meeting of the minds among Democrats as the State's Democratic Chair held a strategy session in Corpus Christi to kick off the final push, and the Democrats were told they will have their work cut out for them. Especially from an area where Republicans have a stronghold.

The head of the party in Texas said this election will serve as a call to arms.

A round table of candidates gathered to hear from State Democrat Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa. The former Cameron County judge told each of the candidates that their race for office will not be an easy one, and that in order to get and keep Democrats in office, to remind voters what the party stands for.

To do that, they will be focusing on the Hispanic population.

"The focus on Hispanics is a little bit different for us," Hinojosa said. "And so, that is going to be the big fight in November."

"We'll fight in the primary, and we'll unify in the general election," said Bob Jones, Republican Party precinct chair.

Across town, at Republican headquarters, party leader Jones said his party's record will speak for itself, reflecting on its past successes.

"The Hispanic vote elected Blake Farenthold over Solomon Ortiz," Jones said. "Could not have happened without Hispanic votes."

In the meantime, the local Democratic Party chair said there will be a massive push unlike any other election in the recent past.

"We started with weekend with our ground game," said Joseph Ramirez, Nueces County Democrat Part chair. "Putting up signs, knocking on doors, talking to voters."

So with 85 days remaining before election day, expect more knocks at your door from politicians, more signs to crop up and more ads on radio and television.

The campaigning has begun.