A local property owner is upset with American Electric Power after they cut down three trees on her property and trimmed back several others.

However, the company says it is all part of their year-round effort to keep trees and their limbs off of our power lines.

Kiii News Reporter Michael Gibson went Live from the backyard of the yoga studio at Clifford and Alameda, where the recently cut trees are, with more details on the story.

Michelle Acebo, the owner of that yoga studio, is not happy about what AEP's tree contractor, Asplundh, did to her property. She said that four trees were cut down to a stump, and the other trees, which are close to power lines, were trimmed back.

Acebo said she bought the property largely because of the trees. She said people go into the backyard to relax before or after their yoga exercises, but now there's not the shade there was, and she claims she never approved or agreed to the work that was done.

"They destroyed the trees. They took them out, basically, then they chopped this one off so much that it's leaning over here, and the tree company that came out told me it would fall over if I did not trim the other part of it," Acebo said. "So when I did talk to them, their offer was to remove the tree. They can't trim any branches, but they can remove a tree."

"We cut to an American national standard, which means that when we cut the tree, we cut it at a fork in the tree, where the tree can grow back and heal and will not become diseased," AEP Spokesperson Andy Heines said. "In fact, if you look at it a year or two later, the tree starts growing back."

Acebo says she is not going to wait to see if her trees are going to grow back. She has plans on planting some more trees, and they won't be near the power lines. She's not happy with what AEP did to her trees, and the AEP says that in such cases, they work with the property owner to make things right.

AEP also said that it has been some time since they have cut trees around the Six Points area. Advance notices are sent to the neighborhood where they will be cutting trees at least three weeks before work is scheduled to start.

They also said they will send a forester to talk to neighbors in order to see if they have any concerns about the tree trimming; and if AEP is unable to speak with the homeowner, a notice with a phone number to call a work scheduler is left behind.