Now that the gifts are unwrapped, you know what you got for Christmas, but if you are not careful, so will thieves.

Police say it is a mistake people make every year. Maybe you got a new TV or a new laptop. Putting the empty boxes on your curb is like setting bait out for the bad guys.

"It is a pretty common practice," said Lt. Tim Brown from the Corpus Christi Police Department. "People don't think about it, and put the stuff out for garbage pickup."

Since pickup day is Thursday for people on the southside of town, there were several homes where people had already set out those boxes that big ticket items came in. One house not only had an empty TV box on the curb, but sitting next to it was their old TV; a double decoy for thieves.

Police say you can protect yourself and your home by simply by making sure any packaging is placed outside right before City crews come by, or putting the boxes inside your trash bin.

"My suggestion would be use a box cutter," Brown said. "Cut it up and put it in the trash, that way people have to dig through the trash to see what they got for Christmas."

Brown said he had already responded to a handful of home burglaries on Wednesday. Most of them took place in the Staples and Gollihar area, and near Ocean Drive.