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Refugio ISD, Skidmore-Tynan Elementary return to in-person learning, no longer offering remote learning option

Monday, October 19 Refugio ISD and Skidmore-Tynan Elementary students returned to the classroom.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Starting Monday, both Refugio ISD and Skidmore-Tynan Elementary School are saying good-bye to remote learning.

In Refugio, administrators say all students must be face to face starting this morning. Skidmore-Tynan wants all elementary kids back in the classroom today as well; the rest of that district's students will return to school by November 9. 

For those parents and students who want to continue online learning, both Refugio and Skidmore-Tynan ISD say you either must enroll your child into home schooling or transfer them to a neighboring district that offers remote learning. 

The closest district to Refugio ISD is Woodsboro ISD. The superintendent at Woodsboro says they are currently offering remote learning and transfers are accepted but there is a strenuous application process where the school's principal and a committee of teachers examine the student's grade, attendance, and disciplinary record. 

“The principal makes the recommendation to the superintendent and then that superintendent takes that list to the school board, and the school board has the ultimate approval or denial,” said Woodsboro ISD Superintendent Janice Sykora.

The Woodsboro ISD school board is meeting Monday to assess if they'll still offer remote learning. The closest school district for students in Skidmore-Tynan to transfer to is Beeville ISD. 

Similar to Woodsboro ISD, the district is continuing to look at local COVID-19 numbers to determine whether they will be returning to face-to-face instruction.