As family and friends prepare to say goodbye to longtime broadcast journalist Walter Furley, many are reflecting on the life and legacy he leaves behind.

Furley lost his battle with cancer at the age of 84.

Gathered around a radio in Furley's Corpus Christi home, family and friends listened to that powerful iconic voice.

His wife Patricia recalled the time the two first met on a blind date; not in Corpus Christi, but in New York, where Furley worked for an NBC radio show. Patricia was a professional harpist on tour.

"He had a wonderful sense of humor," Patricia Furley said. "When I met him, I thought he was a stuff shirt, but then humor came out and of course he was very genuine."

After 52 years of marriage, the two never looked back, creating a lifetime of memories. Many of those moments, the parties, easter egg hunts, anniversaries, were captured over the years by Photographer Dick Wittliff.

"It wasn't hard to capture Walter Furley's personality," Wittliff said. "It was always there."

For many, Walter Furley was a staple on the evening news, who had that unforgettable deep bass voice; a voice we could hear in his son, Ric Furley.

"It was always unexpected, the comments he had," Ric said. "Completely Walter."

Furley spent 45 years of his life anchoring the local news for the CBS affiliate before he decided to retire in 2002, but there may be things you didn't know about the man with the golden voice.

For instance, he served in the National Guard during the Korean War, and was actually pulled off of the front lines because of his typing skills.

"He was in theatre. I loved going to the plays," Patricia said. "Top of the list was his church and that choir."

"He would often read scripture lessons, and nobody wanted to follow him because, once the voice of God has spoken, I'm nothing in comparison," said Rev. George Hackett of First United Methodist Church. "Walter enjoyed that."

Much of his time was also spent here at the First United Methodist Church on Shoreline.

"I made a comment one time. He said something, I said, 'When I grow up, I want to be Walter Furley,'' Hackett said. "After last night, I want to be Walter Furley. He's a good man."

A man defined by his faith, his devotion to the community, and that thunderous voice we will never forget. Walter Furley was 84 years old.